Mother’s Day Gift: Daring and Inspiring Moms

Do you ever feel like you are really clear about what you DON’T want, but not necessarily clear about what you DO want? With Mother’s Day upon us, I thought I’d share a story about my own mother that has been very inspiring to me. This is one of my Mother’s Day gifts to my mom. At the end, we invite to she share a story of how your mom has been inspiring to you by her daring acts!

I remember a profound moment after my mom did the vision work in our Strategic Futuring process and started to create her plan, a big area of focus was her Health. My mom had been, like many of us, clear that she DIDN’T want to be overweight or unhealthy. Extra weight could put more pressure on her joints and cause pain, make her prone to illness (viruses or something more serious like diabetes), or simply feel out of breath when she just went upstairs. She was clear she didn’t want that.

As we got into creating a tangible outcome for her health goal, I asked her why it was important for her to reach her goal. She said a part of her vision was seeing herself in the future enjoying her grandkids and being able to help her own six children with their kids. This was one of her greatest senses of accomplishment in life; raising her children and being close to them as adults with their own families. She said she saw herself with her grandchildren:

  • getting down on the floor easily to play with them
  • chasing them around freely without pain
  • feeling full of energy

The YouTube version: My mom relayed her vision like it had just happened that day and someone had caught it on video…

She could feel the floor beneath her as she knelt down on the carpet as she had done many times. Even at age 70, her knees were in great shape because she was walking every day and staying active. One of the grandkids leaped up and she reached up with spider-like reflexes to give his side a little squeeze as he ran off. “Grammie come chase me,” he said and she didn’t hesitate to get up with energy – perhaps a little more cautiously than she had once, but reflecting that she’s still got it and yelled after him “Watch out – Grammie’s gonna get you”. She could hear the giggles get louder as he turned back to see if she was really coming to get him. It was as if she had seen a 2-minute video of a normal day ten years in the future.

I found her vision inspiring and what struck me was the role vision plays in keeping us grounded. Our vision is WHY we make choices to continue doing things or make changes. This year’s overarching theme is around daring because those things most important to us are the things we are willing to take risks to accomplish – daring to make choices we may not have had sufficient motivation to make. Maya Angelou said, “The most important single thing beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare.” So…Instead of focusing on avoiding what we DON’T want, when we see a picture (our personal Instagram) of what we DO want, this acts as a magnet pulling us forward toward that vision.

We find in our work – whether it’s an individual like my mom or a company – that the more clear we are about the vision of what our choices will make possible, the more motivation we will need to overcome all the inevitable resistance we will face (and we will!) as we are creating new habits. Our process addresses these through putting together your roadmap and putting your support in place. For example, my mom joined Weight Watchers so she could always have her goals in front of her, she had accountability with her coach, and she was a part of a group of people motivated to do the same thing she wanted to do.


If your mom or other important mother-figure in your world is in need of inspiration this Mother’s Day or reminder of how daring she is, share her story on our Daring Futurists page and be entered to win the great gift of our book!

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Me and my lovely mom, Gail at her favorite place–the beach!

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