Leaders as Agents of Change MAY 2017

Leaders are inherently agents of change.

We know that change is a constant in any business so knowing how to navigate change is essential for individuals who see themselves as leaders, even if they do not have a formal or traditional leadership role.

Leaders Initiate Change: Are you starting a new venture or starting a new initiative in your organization?

Leaders Manage Change: Are you and your employees confident they have the necessary tools and training to creatively lead their teams through change?

Leaders Sustain Change and Safeguard for the Future: Over a third of the U.S. workforce became eligible for retirement in 2016. Half of them were in leadership roles. Is your organization confident in its future leadership and their readiness to manage change?

Join us for Leaders as Agents of Change!

This workshop addresses the pressing need for a dynamic and sustainable process to manage the inevitable change all organizations face, and to develop current and future leaders.

Through innovative individual and organizational assessment tools, this workshop will provide a framework for attendees to better understand their roles and responsibilities in helping to grow their organizations, and tools to determine their organization’s current ability to anticipate and leverage change for sustainable growth and maximized outcomes and profits.

Who Should Attend:

Because each attendee will have individualized assessments to provide real-life context for the content, this workshop benefits people at all levels of an organization, from executives to managers to staff members. The only prerequisite is a commitment to developing your own personal leadership and a willingness to help others in your organization grow theirs.


  • An assessment of how your organization is currently dealing with the future and its readiness for long-term, sustainable change.
  • Identification of areas that, if strengthened, would increase your organization’s change readiness and leadership bench.
  • Development of initial action plans (next steps) that address the identified areas of need.
  • Preview of a process that will equip your current and emerging leaders with tools to initiate, sustain, and pass forward necessary long-term change.

Join us and begin leading the change toward a bright future for yourself and your organization!

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